Thursday, November 18, 2010

Triffle Any Style

I make this desert when I haven’t had time to think and plan a desert. I should rather call it a pity desert because the main focus of any of my party is desert and I feel ashamed to say when I don’t plan a desert.
We were hosting some friends at our new apt and that was one of those days when I was super lazy. Friends were arriving at 6 and I had not done grocery until 2 PM. Thus when all these errands were over it was almost 6 and I realized I have no desert. Started looking at my pantry to see what can I whip in the given short time. Woo hoo that’s it IT’S TRIFFLE TIME… This particular one is a Chocolate Triffle. But you can choose to make it in any flavor like berries, caramel or any other that your creativity suggests.

I was a little sad to begin with because all ingredients I had at home were sugar free and fat free (courtesy my health freak husband). But the end result wasn’t bad at all.
·    Cake mix or make a small cake from scratch. I made it from scratch but it’s further easier if you have cake mix. Choose cake mix based on the flavor of the triffle. Like moist yellow cake or chocolate cake for chocolate triffle or white cake for berry triffle. Use only half packet of cake mix.
·         Custard powder / Jello Pudding Mix. I made chocolate pudding. I also use custard a lot of times.
·         Heavy whipping cream (whipped with little sugar till stiff) or pre made Whipped cream box
·         Chocolate Sauce
·         Fruits (I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)
·         Candied toffee. (I had some coffee flavored chewy toffee lying at home)
Make cake as per direction and let is cool.
Take a triffle bowl and drizzle chocolate sauce around it and at the base of it
Crumble the cake or cut them into 1” cubes and spread it on the bottom. Layer with Custard then whipped cream, then fruits, chocolate sauce and crushed candied toffee. Repeat the layer and then finally decorate the top with fruits and toffee and drizzle sauce again.
That’s all pretty, tasty, simple easy and ready in total 15 minutes.